Retreats, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops - 2005

2005 Annual Retreat Conference (RC), Youth Track (YT), and 3 Day Extension (3DX): (Last Updated: 2/18/2005)

The 2005 Annual Retreat Conference (RC), Youth Track (YT), and 3 Day Extension (3DX) events were so poorly attended that each segment lost money on costs versus donations for events.

The remnant few, RC ~250, YT ~50, 3DX ~75, who attended gained much spiritually from these events and have asked that we research a venue at which we could hold future events without such an immense loss of the Lord's precious resources. We plan to do that and have even discussed ways to remain at the Hilton Hotel with less upfront expense commitment. Many do not realize that organizations such as the PFMC have to guess at the attendance at events and if the guess is incorrect there are huge liabilities. The meeting space at the Hilton Hotel, which can accommodate 1600 people in the Grand Ballroom would have cost us nearly $50,000 if we had cancelled. We thought we would have more that 500 people and 496 room-nights booked in the hotel. This is the off-set of the costs for the meeting space. Even with us booking more than 150 room-nights to try and meet the minimum we fell short by more than 150 room-nights. With all the adjustments the hotel could give us they needed to charge us for 68 room-nights with a penalty of nearly $6,500. With the lower attendance our registration donations did not keep up with expenses. We asked for help recouping the nearly $15,000 in expenses that were incurred over income.

Our benefactors who attended the above events have come through in wondrous fashion and cut this debt nearly in half already.

Many attendees pledged monthly donations which are sorely needed to keep the operations of the PFMC going. Please consider using the monthly donation slip to not only contribute when you can but also to pledge monthly donations. It costs us about $300 per day to operate the PFMC or nearly $9000 per month. If each family or address receiving the pilgrim would donate $5 per month we would easily meet our monthly expenses.

If you need any of the materials that were provided they will remain available from the links posted below. There is a great quantity of printed material that is available for pick-up from the PFMC.

Tapes of the talks are available from the PFMC as we unfortunately learned that Bob Pladek will have to seek regular employment after layoff from Lucent Technologies where his income allowed him to operate Catholic Focus for so many years. He is shutting down Catholic Focus and will no longer respond to calls for tapes unless the Lord finds him a way to operate with no income.

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